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Methods of accessing PSICODOC

To consult PSICODOC, it is necessary to have internet access and to pay the subscription.

There are different subscription methods for individuals and institutions, with their corresponding prices and conditions.

Individual subscription

Researchers, practitioners and teachers can enjoy complete access to PSICODOC by taking out an individual subscription. This subscription will allow them to access PSICODOC on the internet just by entering the user name and password which they will be assigned upon payment of the subscription. They can access it from any location, whenever they need it.

The subscription payment covers the period from the date when the subscription is paid until the 31st of December of the same year.

Institution subscription

Universities and other centres which offer public access to PSICODOC have their own methods and subscription prices. There are different subscription methods, according to the publishing medium, number of concurrent users and updates, all through the internet. Subscriptions cover a period of 365 days, counted from the date of the subscription payment.